You, who have had prior knowledge about the death of your child at birth, may have been more prepared than those who had not. Perhaps, because of the knowledge that your time with your baby was limited, there was a time for special culminated intensified bonding.


xero – The Beast

This issue affords us a good look at our narrator– at least, how he was a couple decades before he becomes our narrator (remember, Trent Walker is telling us the story of Xer0 from a future perspective)– as well as a lovely little misdirection as we follow Xer0 on another assignment.

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Why to register account on Soundcloud music portal?

As the world knows, Soundcloud is an online main stream music provider that offers full time entertainment to its listeners. It is a music collaborator, promoter and distributor in the music world. Soundcloud believes in gathering the best people who know the ins and outs of music. It promotes newcomers to come in the music industry without any hindrance. It is Soundcloud that encourages the new talent to come up and prove them. It is the only Soundcloud that grooms the new talent in a way that has never been done before. An artist who is new in the industry and is immature needs some guidance, support and grooming. It is important to shape and mold their skills and talent in a way that they can properly stand up in the rushing crowd and make people aware of what they have got. In the music industry, Soundcloud followers offers a wide range of variety of their audience who can have unlimited music of every kind.

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The Future of the Web

Susan wakes up to the sound of her alarm clock and stumbles into the shower. Her apartment doesn’t look much different than it did back in the late twentieth century. But invisibly, just like the electricity that runs through wires in the walls and the radio waves that move through the air, the Internet and its influence is everywhere.

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The modern era of Web

Most of us have dreamt of the day when we can issue commands to our computers simply by talking to them. Scientists have been working on speech technology since the early 1960s. Although considerable progress has been made computers’ ability to understand ‘true’ speech (natural) is still limited. The biggest users of voice recognition software are call centers that employ automated attendants to handle customer service requests such as airlines and telecom companies (“What city?”).

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To be a Hacker or Not to Be

Are they activists or are they just troublemakers? The Cult of The Dead Cow (CDC), a group of former Cal Tech hacker-students, have generated much controversy over their invention of a software which they claim can infiltrate Windows 95 or 98, and assume complete control of any household or office computer running either operating system. All that’s needed is a hook-up to the Internet and hacker software called Back Orifice.

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Virtual Casinos, Las Vegas Style

In recent months online gambling has taken the Net by storm. New gaming sites spring up almost on a daily basis. With an estimated 500 (and growing) virtual casinos and sportsbooks available online, choosing where to wager can be a daunting proposition.


How and why do we shop online?

As electronic commerce continues to revolutionize the way we shop, governments are beginning to think about their role on the Internet. At a recent Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) conference in Ottawa, business representatives emphasized governments should play a minimal role in the wired marketplace.

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Interested in studying Canadian art?

Until recently, you’d have to pay a visit to the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa to gaze at its collection. Now you can view them by clicking your way through a new CD-ROM release entitled “The Canadian Collection”. The digital catalogue, which consists of three CD-ROMS, includes 16,500 works created by over 2,000 artists over a period of three hundred years.

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Has the Net generation lucked into a vast untold opportunity?

Has the Net generation lucked into a vast untold opportunity or has it been swept along with an enduring fad? Does this Net generation come straight out of high profile MBA programs with such unwaverable clarity of focus and a predetermined yen for success? An overwhelming majority of the current Internet technology superstars are all under 35 years old and these fledgling entrepreneurs are well educated. Can it be that the educational system has finally learned how to prepare its stellar graduates for the real world?

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