Vidmate Apk Download for PC, Android, Mac, iPhone

Vidmate Apk is a video streaming application that enables users to watch or download videos from a number of video streaming websites such as youtube, dailymotion etc. It is basically an app that brings all the streaming websites at a single platform and lets the user download or play it online.

The websites on the interface of this app can be edited i.e. by default the websites that you’ll get are youtube, dailymotion, metacafe etc. but you can add or remove websites in settings and add your favorite streaming website and remove the one that you don’t need.

Vidmate Apk Download

Days are gone when you had to download some stupid “youtube video downloader” or some other downloader to download your desired videos from online streaming websites. Now you can download any video irrespective of the website by Vidmate apk download. You can download Vidmate for android by either searching for the app in playstore or by downloading the Vidmate apk from Google. So if you’re someone who often installs and uninstalls the applications then you can download Vidmate apk which will allow you to uninstall and install the app whenever you want.

Vidmate is an application which basically puts all the video streaming websites at a single place making it easy for the users to download or watch video they want to. Vidmate is a free to download application that has been launched for android and IOS both and can be downloaded for Windows or MAC with the help of an emulator. You now won’t have to wander there and there on different video streaming websites to download or watch videos, you can now just search for the video in this app and you’ll get results from plenty of websites just on a single platform i.e. Vidmate.

Vidmate Apk Download for Android

Vidmate app is available for android as well as IOS. Vidmate for android can be downloaded simply either by playstore or you also have an option of Vidmate apk download for android, which you can later install and enjoy. Vidmate offers a wide variety of videos, movies, trailers and songs from various video streaming websites. Apart from watching videos online, you can also download them on this app and enjoy them later. From the latest songs to the latest movies, you can watch almost everything with the help of this app.


Vidmate is an awesome video streaming and downloading application that allows the user to practically download any video from any streaming website. This app has a list of video streaming websites on its interface which can be edited. So whenever you search for a video in the search box, the app will show you results from multiple websites and will provide you an option to go for the one that you like. Vidmate download for android can be done in two ways:

  1. By downloading the Vidmate app from playstore or
  2. By searching for Vidmate android apk on google.

Vidmate for PC

Vidmate is a video streaming application that has been launched for android and IOS platforms. But what if you don’t have an android or IOS device? You can still enjoy the application by downloading Vidmate for PC. Officially the app hasn’t been launched for pc but you can still download it with the help of an android emulator. Here we will tell you how to download Vidmate for pc using an android emulator.


  1. For Vidmate download for pc we’ll need to download an android emulator first. Here we will take bluestacks, you can go for any other too such as youwave.
  2. Firstly, go to bluestacks official website and download it.
  3. After you’ve downloaded and installed bluestacks on your pc, open Playstore.
  4. Now, in the search box search for Vdmate.
  5. Install it and accept the T&C. Now enjoy.

So this was the method by which you can download Vidmate for PC even if you don’t have an android or IOS device.

Vidmate for Mac

Vidmate has revolutionized the way we streamed and download videos. In the past, for downloading a video from Youtube or any other video streaming website we first needed to download a specific downloader for that website. Let’s say a “youtube downloader” for downloading a video from Youtube. But you won’t have to perform this long shit now. You’ll just need to download a single application i.e. Vidmate which will let you download videos from multiple platforms at a single place.

Vidmate is an application that supports video streaming and downloading that has been launched for android and IOS platforms. But what will you do if you don’t have an android or IOS device? You can still enjoy the app by downloading Vidmate App for Mac. Vidmate for Mac can be downloaded by downloading and installing an emulator on Mac.

Vidmate for Iphone

Vidmate is an android/IOS application that has revolutionized video streaming and downloading. This fantastic app enables the user to download and watch videos online by just searching for the name in the search box. Vidmate has an awesome interface that categorizes videos on its types such as trailers, movies, songs etc. Be it movies, be it songs or be it the trailers of your favorite movies, Vidmate has practically every video that you wish to watch or download.


  • You can download Vidmate for Iphone easily by installing it from playstore.
  • You can also download Vidmate apk for iphone if you are someone who keeps installing and uninstalling the applications.

Vidmate is the ultimate solution for all the video lovers who spend a lot of time watching and downloading videos online on different video streaming websites. You can now get all those websites on a single platform just by downloading Vidmate for iphone. If you’re someone who loves watching and downloading movies and songs online, Vidmate is the application that you must download right away. Download Vidmate for Iphone from playstore or you also have an option of downloading Vidmate apk.

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